Our Team

Peter Watson

Founder, Creative Strategist

Peter founded Response in 1989 following a career path that crossed both sides of the desk in marketing. Always a left-brain/right-brain thinker, his greatest strength is applying the marketing process to complex client business challenges.

From the early days Response has worked its solutions from the target audiences outward into the available media to create interaction between business and consumers. Three legs of the process include, client acquisition, client up-selling, and client retention.

In 2012, with connectivity technology now mainstream Peter seized on the opportunity to partner with increasingly specialized partners whom were the bright rising stars in the universe of digital creative media. He has an awesome team of staff and freelancers and this is his new strength, with freelancers he can bring in people with exactly the right experience as the clients need them.

The other immediate benefit is scalability. By combining 26 years of retail and direct marketing experience, Response is able to offer clients a relationship that results in extending already tight client budgets to include a wide range of digital solutions along with traditional media.

direct: 519.963.0186


Kelly Peters

Data and Measurement Analyst

Kelly has been a key member of the Response Generators team for 15 years. She joined Response following graduation and became our resident database expert. Kelly is responsible for maintaining in-house databases and consulting with clients to ensure their database marketing and communications needs are met.

In addition to her expertise in database analysis and primary research, Kelly is a key part of our traditional and earned media development team, helping to implement innovative ways to measure marketing programs in concert with our digital creative partners.


Suzanne Alzner


Suzanne is our numbers expert, responsible for managing purchase orders, packing inventory, managing invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, project costs and various financial reports. She has over 19 years of agency experience in administration and accounting.

Like all great bookkeepers, Suzanne is a details person. She has a gift for facts and figures, and a remarkable ability to monitor the financial status of multiple projects for many different clients at the same time. She is also our final line of defense against typos and grammar errors as chief proof reader which means fewer headaches for everyone on all sides.